FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

VAISTO® is completely safe to use and certainly the healthiest performance booster on the market. It consists of only natural amino acids and herb extracts you typically consume every day anyway. All the ingredients are just encapsulated to a small size pill, so that you would not need to eat a plateful of eggs, nuts, meat, soy beans, cheese, avocados and almonds and to drink two pans of tea just before your game starts. Instead, you can just grab three capsules of VAISTO® where and whenever you need to, and they are easily taken with you for example in your jacket’s pocket. VAISTO® has nothing to do with magic, just simple neurobiology and chemistry.

VAISTO® is considered as a dietary supplement. Therefore, obviously it does not replace your daily diet. So, using VAISTO® is unfortunately not really enough as an argument to skip your veggies at home.

VAISTO® is being manufactured in Finland, and we have invested a lot to the purity of our product by using only the most reliable suppliers. It is as important for us as for you that our product is safe and healthy. Thus, the safety, purity and reliability of VAISTO® is our number one priority.

Please note the following when you are about to consume VAISTO®:

- VAISTO® is not suitable for small children or pregnant women.

- In case you are taking prescription medicine, checking first with your health care professional is advised as some ingredients of VAISTO® may impair the effects of the medicine, which obviously is not desirable.

The only ingredient found in VAISTO® that may be addictive, if used excessively, is caffeine. One daily dose of VAISTO® contains 100 mg of caffeine, which corresponds about one cup of coffee or one bottle of energy drink.

However, being able to finally focus to your game in full, to stay energized and to hold your mouse like it was not a wet soap in your hands may be addictive. We are certain that once you have tried VAISTO® you will not want to live without it!

The energizing effect of traditional energy drinks is usually based on use of caffeine and other stimulative ingredients similar to caffeine (such as guarana and taurine). VAISTO® also includes caffeine, but the real magic resides in all the other ingredients, which boost gaming performance in a completely new and special way. Most energy drinks also contain sugar, and when ingested usually create a blood sugar spike, which soon enough results in a blood sugar crash due to body desperately trying to regulate this high blood sugar level by releasing high amounts of insulin. For the same reason, especially with sugary energy drinks, you may feel even more tired soon after consuming an energy drink. VAISTO® doesn't contain any sugar, and the carefully picked ingredients together with a perfectly balanced formula will keep you energized for hours without any crash afterwards. VAISTO® does not only make you energized; its effects are also incredibly more versatile than the effects of energy drinks. As VAISTO® doesn't include any sugar, it's a much healthier and more powerful solution to increase your gaming performance than any energy drink on the planet.

Take that, energy drinks!

Yes you can. One dose of VAISTO® contains 100 mg of caffeine, which corresponds about one cup of coffee or one bottle of energy drink. However, everybody reacts to caffeine differently, thus, we do not recommend enjoying highly caffeinated beverages simultaneously with VAISTO® if you are sensitive to caffeine.

VAISTO® has a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

We are completely open and transparent to you: If after 90 days of testing you think VAISTO® sucks big time, or there is even the slightest thing that irritates you, it being for example a tilted etiquette on the bottle, the color of the capsules or the functioning of VAISTO®, we will fully refund your purchase.

So, toss a bottle of VAISTO® to your cart right now - by trying you will not lose anything!