Our story

A Story About Passion:

It is year 1998. A boy of same age, Jyri, has just moved in to the house next door. It’s not even seven o’clock in the morning as I bang his door. Shall we play some Final Fantasy VII? Again we have to hurry and run to school. After school our gaming session continues to late evening. Together with Jyri we are as thick as thieves, two inseparable little boys.

Passion for gaming has been born.

Soon enough my family decides to purchase a PC. For that we have to get a bank loan.

One of the biggest milestones is when I manage to start a DOS game on my own. A pile of varying DOS and CD-ROM games start to pile up on the table corner.

In 1999 my biggest dream is to get a PC of my very own. This dream gets immortalized on a local newspaper as well as I blurt it out in the early morning to some news reporter patrolling around the grocery store parking lot.

Eventually, after saving each and every penny from my weekly pocket money I manage to save up enough money for my own PC. With some help from my father we choose the components, and finally my self-built steel cubicle weighing tens of kilograms is standing in the corner of my room and is calling my name as a siren. The dream is now tangible, real.

Shortly a new fad starts to circulate around the neighborhood, a game called Counter-Strike, which I also find myself playing very intensively. Slaughtering bots is soon replaced by playing online. Adrenaline and competitive spirit are at their peak. The biggest badass on the server is the one having a ping lower than 100 ms.

Clanbase starts to fill in with clans full of neighborhood kids. Hide and seek and tag games are replaced by watching of CS frag videos where our idols, almost godlike professional gamers are showing off their skills and best moments in their full pull clips.

Dynamite, the first energy drink getting a lot of popularity among gamers arrives the market.

During nights the modem must be covered by blankets or otherwise connecting the 56kt-modem to internet would wake up the whole subregion. After the first 200 € internet bill my parents agree to obtain an ADSL connection. This 2 megabyte internet connection completely revolutionizes the online gaming.

New people are met on the servers. Many important friendships are formed across Finland. We are no more just a bunch of teenagers, but a group. Many of us meet each other face to face first time during a Gambit 2005 LAN event in Salo, and later on at Assembly 2006 LAN event. Gaming with my own “gang” is the best thing you can do with your pants on.

Here is me (Pyry, right) and Jyri (middle) at Assembly 2006 LAN event.

The level of our CS clan rises and gaming becomes more serious. I start to be very nervous all the time and many must win situations go on the rocks as I freak out in panic. Continuous underachieving and freezing at clutch scenarios devour my motivation, and soon enough I find myself playing less competitive games.

A decade goes by while studying and working. Finally, my old gang tricks me to play the newly released CS:GO. Jyri is delivering headshots, I am mostly collecting them.

In ten years I still have not stopped stressing out, getting frustrated, raging and underachieving. Being beaten up continuously starts to be unbearable, especially when I know I could do better. Even my hands seem to whisk around the mousepad recklessly as if I would never had touched a mouse before.

Would it be possible to influence my gaming performance and play better under stress? Could I somehow stress less and focus more on the game?

One evening while in sauna with my boys, we get an idea.

From this idea a bigger thought is starting to form on a piece of paper. An easily consumed, Finnish, fast-acting and extremely healthy product only consisting of carefully selected natural ingredients is getting its preliminary shape.

At the same time, our ultimate goal starts to be clear in our mind: We want to create the healthiest and most versatile performance booster and replacer for energy drinks, which would help players trying to achieve success to relax, focus and ease their stress during their game. Stress, tiredness, lack of focus and sweaty or cold or shaky hands would no longer be a blockade for success and achieving dreams.

The product is given a name, VAISTO (means literally “sense” in Finnish), to reflect the newly born product – like senses of a hawk. In the logo a hawk’s gaze and an orbiting electron are joined together.

Passion for gaming, which has been dormant for ages, is again awaken, stronger than ever.

During QrailQuest 2019 LAN event a customer comes to say hello and summarizes his experience of VAISTO:

Damn good.

And like this the story of VAISTO has begun.